The scarcity of space and greed for natural resources by humans is pushing the birds to the brink of extinction. Balancing between the development and the needs of wildlife has never been easy. Development activities have significantly increased in recent years and have greatly impacted both the diversity and density of birds in all landscapes especially in urbanised areas. Creating green islands like Maharashtra Nature Park in a city of Mumbai, is therefore became necessity to save them. An effort like this has helped not only for the adaptable urban birds but also for the migrants that stop over during their long journeys.

Surrounded by Mithi river estuary on one side and thickly populated urbanisation on the other, MNP is home to more than 125 species of birds as per the recent records, i.e. almost 10 % of the total species found in India. While there is a notable presence of scavenging and those feeding on insects (insectivorous), MNP also has good presence of frugivorous birds. The large green area and the location of the park is such that even uncommon species are recorded. Some of the bird species are: Common Tailor Bird, Indian Paradise Flycatcher, Asian Koel, Cattle Egret, Common Myna, Kingfisher, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Purple-rumped Sunbird, Coppersmith Barbet and White Spotted Fantail Flycatcher.