• Education Centre Building: The circular shaped education centre building (ECB) is an interesting design. it has an open-to sky central courtyard with a mural theme “There is web of life, we are part of it”. It depicts that all life on earth, from the underwater to that in the skies, survive on energy from the sun. The building has some unique features that make optimum use of natural light, ventilation and cooling.

  • Audio-Visual Hall: The Audio-Visual Hall has a capacity for 300 persons. Apart from showing Films, Video and Slide Show based on Nature. The hall can also be used for Conferences, Seminar, Workshop and Training Programme.

  • Activity Space: It is provided for encouraging both arts and crafts. Students are using this area for drawing and other competition.

  • Nisarg Art Gallery/Exhibition Hall: The exhibition hall is for displaying variety of exhibits items. Some exhibits are kept permanent, while some exhibits are changed with the seasons. These will consist of Models and Dioramas, Pictures and others displays. The items displayed are to be interactive in Nature, so the visitors can also learn through curiosity and by manipulating the exhibits.

  • Library: A library is provided in the Education Centre Building.Books and magazines having information sources on Wildlife, Ecology, Zoology, Botany, and Environment Conservation etc. are collected. These are referred by visitors, for refences.

  • Amphitheatre: The amphitheatre with over 1000 audience capacity is for the use performing arts as a methodology for commutating about environments. It can alternatively use as open exhibits display area when not in use as a theatre.