Being man-made woodland, Maharashtra Nature Park is also a host to a variety of animals living in woodland. Spiders holds a reputation of scary, ugly and creepy animal and hence most ignored and feared. By understanding its role in ecosystem and knowing about all its aspects will fascinate us. A powerful predator, a skilled hunter and a good ambusher, it is keeping our surrounding clean, eating the mosquitoes and other pests and keeping their population under control.

MNP has many varieties of spiders living in different habitats like burrows, in bushes, on the tree etc. the data collected over a period of times shows that there are about 30 species of spiders belonging to 11 families recorded here. Feeding on tiny and small insects and being food for other animal like birds and reptiles (mainly the lizards) etc., the spiders is an important group of animals in web of life of the Maharashtra Nature Park. Some of the species of spider found in MNP are Lynx spider, Wolf spider, Garbage lining spider, Crab spider.