Reptiles were living on this land right from the time when it was the landfill site. Feeding on the rodents living on the landfill site, snakes became an integral part of MNP ecology along with the process of it becoming woodland. Some crawled in here from the adjoining mangrove forest area and few were brought in from the city to set then free here. Food, shelter and opportunities to live made their succession possible here and today all them are hissing here successfully. Feeding on insects, lizards, frogs, rodents and small birds most of the reptiles at MNP have become a part an integral part of the food chain here. Being cold-blooded animals mostly they are seen basking in sun during the winters. Rat snakes, Russel’s viper, Sand boa, besides most of the species of lizards and geckos. Out of the big four venomous snakes of India, MNP has breeding population of Common Indian Cobra and Russel’s viper.

Setting up rain water harvesting project brought in different species of amphibians here. Pond is an ideal location to see them such as common tree frog, skiteering frog, common toad and many more.