Do and Don’t:

  1. MNP is No-Plastic Zone in which disposable packaging not allowed.
  2. No fires are to be lit under any circumstance, without the express permission of the Director.
  3. Consumption of alcohol/Narcotics is strictly forbidden.
  4. Visitors should restrict their movements to the brick-lined paths and the Education Centre Building.
  5. No harm whatsoever must be caused to birds, butterflies, insects or any other creature that have made the MNP their home.
  6. No damage should be caused to park property, building, its furniture, fixtures and its green plants.
  7. The Society cannot be held responsible for any untoward incidents within its premises either to the person or property of visitors.
  8. The park is a place where environmental education is the focus. Commercial transactions are discouraged here, unless these are part of the MNP’s activities.
  9. Nothing may be removed from the park without the express permission of the competent authority.
  10. Birthday celebration, Personal photography, Prewedding photography is not allowed in the Park.